Grants for Recreational Cavers

Notes for the guidance of applicants for Training Grants

1. The BCA Training Committee

The Training Committee has a small annual budget to promote the education and training of “recreational” cavers, and also holds a small stock of equipment that can be loaned for training purposes. The committee is also anxious to promote SRT Training.

2. Principles under which grants can be made

3. Method of Applying

Once you have at least four participants obtain the form from the Training Officer Nigel Atkins |or download and complete a Training Grant Application Form, giving full details of the proposed event. The application should be sent to the Training Officer who will take it to the next meeting of the Training Committee. The Training Officer will indicate to the applicant what his recommendation to the Training Committee will be.

4. Accounting

After completion of the event a report should be sent to the Training Officer which should include the names and BCA membership numbers of the participants. The report and photographs may be used on the BCA Website so please ensure permission to do so is given. Grants will only be paid once this has been received. Applicants are encouraged to publish these reports in the caving press.