2019 Membership

All the BCA membership rates remains the same as last year.

A new rate for under 18s is introduced. Membership for those aged under 18 on 1st January will be free of charge.

The BCRA rates also remain the same as last year.

Types of Membership

Membership of BCA is open to any individuals, clubs or other groups that have an interest in caving or abandoned mine exploration. The type of membership can be broken up into several classes. These are (follow the links for more information):

Individual (This is further divided into two classes:)

  • Club Individual Member (CIM)
  • Direct Individual Member (DIM)
  • Group (Group Membership is composed of the following types of organisations:)

Caving Clubs

  • Access-Controlling Bodies
  • Associate Members
  • Regional Caving Councils
  • Specialist National Bodies
  • BCRA Membership

The British Cave Research Association is concerned with the science and educational aspects of caves and abandoned mines. Membership is offered as an optional addition to the DIM, Club and Associate classes of membership. See BCRA Membership.

BCRA Periodicals

Subscriptions to BCRA's periodicals Cave & Karst Science and the CREG Journal can be purchased without becoming a member of BCA or BCRA. This may be the cheaper option if you live overseas or do not need other benefits of membership. To order a subscription please click here.