Youth & Development Committee

Caving is a fairly niche pastime, only a small fraction the popularity of climbing, mountaineering or other outdoor pursuits. Therefore, getting younger people involved in caving is essential to the future continuity of our sport, our clubs and organisations and of course, the BCA!

There are numerous avenues for young people to get involved, including via the Scouts, via commercially instructed/led caving events, or perhaps most popularly via student clubs.

The Y&D Committee is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping support youth caving within the BCA. We have done so by bringing together the National Caving Scout Active Support Unit (NCSASU) the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs (CHECC, themselves a constituent body of the BCA) and other BCA volunteers together. This has helped us to learn from each other and support the different projects each section has going on.

Examples of Y&D activities include;

The Y&D is one of the BCA’s four Standing Committees, who meet as necessary (at least annually) to discuss Y&D matters. As a Standing Committee, it is available to a voting representative of each of the BCA’s Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, and any other invited participants.

The Y&D Officer is both the convenor of the Y&D Committee and a voting member of BCA Council.


The picture is of the kit that Y&D were able to lend to Lancaster University Speleological Society (LUSS) as part of a package to re-establish the club.

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