BCA Services

British Caving Library

The British Caving Library (BCL) is a national research and reference library based in Glutton Bridge in the Peak District, staffed part time by a Senior Library Assistant. It is funded by the British Caving Association (BCA) and the British Cave Research Association (BCRA) and run by the BCRA on behalf of all...


Artificial Cave

The BCA were kindly donated 10 sections of artificial cave by Entre-Prise (www.entre-prise.co.uk). This is essentially a pipe-structure designed to simulate a cave crawl. This can be assembled into several variations of routes (of different difficulties, including squeezes and up/down sections) and is an excellent...


Rope Testing

The BCA has access to equipment to test the strength and integrity of ropes. This service may be of interest to any members wishing to better understand the integrity of their club ropes, or for research purposes to better understand the impact of various stress tests on rope integrity...


Hidden Earth

Hidden Earth is the name for the British Cave Research Association’s (BCRA’s) annual caving conference. This weekend-long event taking place in September every year is a friendly, educational, inspiring and social gathering of hundreds of cavers from across the UK and overseas.

Read more at hidden.earth

Cave Registry Data Archive

Archive of spel├Žological data for the use of the UK caving community.

More details at cave-registry.org.uk