The British Caving Association

The British Caving Association is the national body for underground exploration in the United Kingdom. It represents individuals and groups with a genuine interest in caves, karst and associated phenomena, whether from a strictly sporting viewpoint, a scientific viewpoint, or a combination of both.

Through close liaison with its member organisation, NAMHO it also seeks to represent and support mining history societies and all those with an interest in the man-made underground environment.

Through its democratic structure and Regional Councils it will:


Membership of BCA is open to any individual, club or other group with an interest in cave or abandoned-mine exploration. For further information on membership, see the membership pages.

BCA is fully democratic in structure and run by an elected Council. Specific aspects of BCA's work are handled on its behalf by its Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils, each of which also have a seat on Council.

Constituent Bodies

Constituent Bodies are Group Members of BCA who are recognised as having some kind of national co-ordinating role in a specific aspect of caving or mine exploration. These are currently:

Regional Caving Councils

The Regional Caving Councils deal with various functions on behalf of BCA, such as Conservation & Access works, Access Permits etc. The various officers of the Councils are also members of the relevant BCA Special Committees.

Member Clubs

See Member Clubs.